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The Sweeney Singers are celebrating 30 years of making music!

Choral music is their passion - to sing and to share it with others.
The six Sweeney cousins' initial purpose was to learn to sing, but because they discovered the challenge of teamwork and the joy of singing together they were inspired to continue expanding their musical horizons with regular concerts.
From kids with high pitched voices singing two part harmony to adult singers exploring the music of Bach and Schubert, spirituals, folk and contemporary songs, they have entertained throughout the Fraser Valley, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for numerous charitable causes and winning Choral Festivals and community awards.

Director Janet Sweeney says, "I can honestly say that this experience has not only been one of the most challenging endeavours of my life, but also one of the most rewarding. Each personality brings a special complement to the group. We laugh, we complain, we work hard, but in the end when we make music it is a profoundly spiritual experience." …

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